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Computer Program Patents granted over last three decades.

Software programs were registered for copyright protection with little thought about how they must be copied to use. In fact, they must be copied each time they are executed. Dubious protection. Microsoft network license agreements included a per seat charge for every computer connected to a Microsoft computer. Infinite wealth calculated by Microsoft; the advent of the Internet exposed Microsoft absurdity.

There were many long debates in the mid 1980s as to whether or not software could even be patented. Newly schooled Intellectual Property lawyers sprouted up everywhere to log their hourly fees in debates none understood. The US patent office allowed patent registration without prejudice (cursory review, followed by eye roll) & collected their fee (pound of "legal tender" flesh). Patent officers chided the lawyers: "Good luck with collecting royalties."

Patents filed. Royalties pretended. Cross licensed. Now computer programs are, as I recall, far & away most popular... Yet, require incantations to explain to judge & jury. Seldom defended in a court of law. Software patents are bought, sold, used & abused as a show of force during cross licensing negotiations among lawyers. "Much to do about nothing."

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