Comment: Banking should be included too - all things of value

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Banking should be included too - all things of value

However, bankers should only be included if they do not engage in counterfeiting (fractional reserves & printing notes). Counterfeiting does not produce any value, it merely robs value produced by others.

An honest banker (oxymoron currently) spends his life laboring to providing a valuable service of loans and interest on savings. His life's labor, financial services, is not any less of a production than someone that spends their life farming, or writing no less. Each can prove valuable. However, how much value is determined by the free market. Someone might spend their entire life doing nothing, and they will probably be paid nothing because nobody else values it. Or, just the same, a banker might spend his life making bad loans, and as a result not earn anything. But his labor could also provide a good service others value, earning him money. In this case, a banker's financial production must benefit in increased physical production, otherwise he does not get paid back.

And, I would ask that you reconsider life, labor, and money. Life or time is needed to perform any labor, and money is merely a valued representation of one's labor, time, or life spent doing something. They are equivalents and cannot exist without each other. When you write a book, you have literally invested part of your life to do so. Those that purchase that book are buying the part of your life or labor you spent writing it. The money they pay you is a representation of what they have done with their lives.

Ever heard that time is money? It's true.