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thx for posting

great posting, i am glad you did it. yes, i am concerned as well and have made comments on building a media strategy.

are you planning on taking this to rp?

i have seen other postings where individuals express frustration at this well and i can sense the frustration so many have.

not sure how rp campaign works with its volunteers. perhaps some conference call with supporters to discuss and find out what others have done and what works and what does not.

perhaps one seasoned media specialist to come into rp's campaign that has experience with this and is very aggressive and does not take no for an answer and is articulate would be good to have working for rp. i assume there is room in the budget for this type of position.

there are high profile supporters like peter schiff. it would be good if rp didn't have to face such a spiteful press with gotcha questions or if rp had advisors to prep him for such questions and offer feedback after debates and interviews on how to garner more votes or what worked for voters and what didn't work for voters and how to use different wording and structure of his answers.

a business writer would be an invaluable addition. i don't think they cost much. there was one who came in to give a seminar at a co i worked for and offered feedback on people's emails and other communications and was quick at helping people structure their thoughts in communications.

i am not sure if rp has a business writer to critique his articles and other communications. i would put this as #1 in terms of alleviating media blackout.