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dude seriously

this is a book and I should do a review on your book reviews. I was thinking of starting a thread on where someone should start to understand liberty/monetary policy and foreign policy in relation to ron paul and his perspective. it seems like your books are good informative books but something for someone with either a lot of time on their hands or is a speed reader. I would like to know what people would recommend for a jumpstart to the ron paul train.

I have read, liberty defined and end the fed. Both are pretty solid. However, I wonder if there are other books, better books to introduce the federal reserve or some of the unique things about RPs perspective that I could recommend to borderline folks. by borderline I simply mean those that like some of what RP says but either aren't convinced on others or don't exactly know what he is referring to on other topics (and most likely it would be monetary policy).

I know peter schiff has several books out and there is hazlitt (which I am reading now), mises, hayek etc.

Any recommendations would be great. And it's ok if you say have people read liberty defined. I just haven't gotten to all the other books yet so don't know if they are a better starting point or not.