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again we mention fair share?

See how easy it is to denounce anyone seeking their "fair share" until it is our perception of "who" actually owes it that we justify in demanding it?

It is a vicious circle.

You cannot swear there is no such thing as equality then demand equality. (or some one or some country need step up because their payment (to you) do not seem "equal")

And here we rail against OWS demanding those who got bailouts
now spread that wealth around as it was taught with all of the "trickle down economics" and when this did not happen and they only seemed to hoard it and reward in bonuses for their own minions in negotiating such bailouts, we call those upset "commies" for their "misguided thinking". Even though we know full well it was the GOVERNMENT and the FED that made these deals.

Just as it was/is the Government and the FED that made the
wars and occupation/military deals with Japan and Germany so that they could have their footprint in these countries forever more, You mistakenly demand they now PAY UP, for OUR SERVICES, as if they ASKED for them? Instead of us forcing ourselves down their throats.

IN time I have no doubt we will be demanding the same of the Middle East. When/if we get the oil running as to the plan all along we can then demand repayment for raping their resource by "freeing them" and instilling our bases to protect our interests and convincing them they are NOT our slaves.

Lord have Mercy.