Comment: Paul failed in this

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Paul failed in this

interview on two questions. Other than that he was brilliant as usual. The first fail was the question about the "Iran nuclear weapons" issue. Chris asked how we would stop Iran from getting nukes and Paul fumbled. Now I know what Pauls views are on this subject and he could have done much better but I could envision main stream Republicans shaking their heads at his answer "UH, we talk to them".
The second was the question of a "third party run" when Paul had an excellent chance to highlight the problems with our "two party system" and the real reason he "can't" run third party but he just says "I don't want too".

Over all Paul was good as usual but he was given plenty of time in this interview as well as two of his previous interviews on fox and he still acts like he is being rushed. I guess old habbits are hard to break.