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Comment: MORE OF OUR HARD RIGHT FRIENDS.....are changing &

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deciding to consider Ron Paul, now. This is good news. These are highly educated people who work for a Fortune 500 company I'm talking about.

Herman Cain has shot himself in the foot & is a "has been" now. I don't see how the Media can continue with their cheerleading of him now. It would look pathetic, to say the least. The voters may be naieve, but they arent' THAT stupid.

Even my mother is "off" of Cain, now. I keep pushing her to vote for Ron, though, & I think I will succeed. All our friends are ALL expressing their "doubts" about the Republican candidates.....EXCEPT RON PAUL.

Hopefully, the Republican voters will realize that our economy is going to nose dive, IF THEY DON'T VOTE for DR. may get to that point.

As far as cheating goes, don't you think we have a HUGE NETWORK of I.T. Ron Paul supporters who are very much aware of that issue, and who have watchdogs looking & examining & talking with the local County supervisors of those election departments? The campaign headquarters is not stupid. We can have a measure of people watching in many ways. JUST LET THEM TRY TO CHEAT. They WILL get caught, imho. If they were dealing with morons, I'd agree, but they aren't. Don't you think we have TOP NOTCH I.T. people and tactical strategy experts helping? Uh-huh. Yes.