Comment: It's Ron Paul alone that represents our founding!!!

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It's Ron Paul alone that represents our founding!!!

What I am sick of is Christian Conservative hypocrites, that drink the kool-aid of the establishment! They refuse to ADMIT they serve only money and their own bellies; BLIND to the fact that the Republicans are as much a big-government central planning organization!

I have posted(on the amateur website I made) the "WHY" we declared our independence from the Mother Country/Parent Government from some history books of is obvious to most of us that we have exhausted our efforts petitioning; no sense in doing it any longer...if they won't listen...move on!!!

A Reagan-appointee judge just said the heath care bill is Constitutional; it is being reported that because he is a "conservative", Republicans won't have much of a disagreement...seriously?...they just refuse to admit they have been duped, and that selfishly, our nation's posterity is their LAST concern!

They talk about Thomas Sowell all the time; yet they refuse to heed his warnings that we are an Empire entering into bankruptcy!