Comment: We must ask the question,

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We must ask the question,

We must ask the question, "Why does Iran want nukes?" The answer is obvious. No, it's not to wipe Israel off the map. Israel has 300 nuclear warheads. Iran would be radioactive glass if it tried to nuke Israel. But the government of Iran sees that the global superpower, with thousands of nuclear warheads, is threatening to bomb and invade their country. And they see that the local superpower, with 300 nuclear warheads, is also threatening to bomb their country. It is readily understandable that under those circumstances the Iranians would want a few nukes of their own, to make it known to the U.S. and Israel that attacking Iran won't be cost free, and that if nuked they can nuke back.

I would prefer that the Iranians do not develop nuclear weapons of course. If we want to make that more likely we should take away the reasons they have for wanting nuclear weapons by ending our belligerent stance, stop calling them the "Axis of Evil", and stop threatening to invade.

There is a younger generation of Iranians that would like a more moderate government. If we are patient and leave Iran alone that younger generation will eventually get into power and relations with Iran will improve. If we attack Iran we will create a new generation of jihadists who fight against us for years to come.