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Thanks !!!


We need all the help we can get !!! Here's other info you may appreciate from mainstream news:

Casey alarm at toddlers’ teeth

Child Dental Health Surveys have identified a worrying rise in decayed, missing or filled teeth in the area’s four-year-olds since 1998.

Now Casey-Cardinia dentists are urging parents to take toddlers’ dental health more seriously, warning decay in baby teeth can lead to problems later on.

Fountain Gate Dental Care surgeon Desmond Yiu said he had recently filled cavities in children as young as three.

“I’m finding a lot more tooth decay in children than I would expect, particularly given how readily available fluoride is in water and toothpaste,” Dr Yiu said.

Dr Yiu said poor diet was the cause of the concerning trend.

“There has been a cultural change towards high sugar drinks that are very damaging to teeth,” he said.