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It was written for an Epidemiology class

My "arguing" in class with a public health professor (government propagandist) in front of a class of 100+ people started a lot of buzz. I had a lot of different dental students come up to me in the weeks that followed asking me about it. Opinions were mixed. Several people thanked me for speaking out. The obvious propaganda was bothering them, too. Some people in the class literally looked at me in horror because I was questioning the professor on this. One girl even scolded me later. Other people were intrigued without a firm opinion either way.

I had maybe a dozen requests to read the essay when it was finished. I posted it today for everyone in the class. I have to wait and see if anyone will read it.

I'm going to send it to a few of my professors as well.

I don't know if I will change any minds, but I certainly planted a lot of seeds. At least 110 dental students were exposed to this viewpoint.