Comment: Fluoridation of Public Water

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Fluoridation of Public Water


Freedom of choice is central to the Fluoridation controversy.

For 25 years as a dentist I promoted fluoridation. Looking at both sides of the science was like a knee in the gut.

Fluoride is highly toxic and defined as a poison by all states and Federal Government; however, it is exempt from poison lows when regulated as a drug.

The Washington State Board of Pharmacy confirmed fluoride for ingestion is a prescription drug. The FDA CDER has never approved the ingestion of fluoride and rejected applications based on lack of scientific evidence of effectiveness. The FDA CDER says fluoride is an unapproved drug and unapproved drugs are illegal. Fluoridation is an illegal drug.

The FDA CDER and EPA scientists are correct, fluoridation has little if any effect on the reduction of dental caries. Claims that fluoridation are effective in reducing expenses are based on assumptions and estimates, not measured evidence. Most developed countries do not fluoridate public and most European dental associations do not recommend fluoride supplements. Simply doesn't work.

The risks are serious, especially the 25 human studies finding reduction in IQ and increased in rates of mental retardation. Very serious.

Fluoridation is one of public health's greatest blunders.

I have two son-in-laws who are dentists. When they looked at the research finding lack of benefit and harm, they talked about getting a refund from dental school.

You are brave. You are correct.

Give people the freedom to chose.

Bill Osmunson DDS, MPH

Bill Osmunson DDS, MPH