Comment: Thank you...I mean REALLY, THANK YOU!!

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Thank you...I mean REALLY, THANK YOU!!

Mark Lundgren & Dr. Osmunson,

As professionals in the dental field, I can't thank you enough for exposing the fluoridation scam.

You both make many extraordinary and valid points. You'd think any one of your strong arguments would be enough to stop fluoridation. I have one more reason, but this time from a mom's perspective.

I have an adult son with autism who is severely reactive to fluoride in any amount from any source. When he is exposed to fluoridated water---even from just a shower---he gets a horrific headache, sometimes becoming a migraine. This pain comes on within a few minutes of exposure. This pain from fluoride causes his symptoms of autism to explode and suddenly I have a 220 pound screaming, running, sweating Tarzan on the loose. But when the pain turns into a migraine, he can't move. Under either condition, he cannot function. Fluoride in water (or in food) increases his disability 20-fold. When he is not on this poison, he is able to work at an office at our local community college.

So, really, I can't thank all of you enough for speaking out against fluoridation. There are many more like my son and most likely a good many of them don't even know that the source of their problem is literally "in the water".

Mark, I'm wondering if I might use your position paper (giving you credit of course) to help argue against fluoridation in my state? It is so beautifully stated and could be very helpful.