Comment: The first time I met Dr. Paul

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The first time I met Dr. Paul

was at the TX State Convention during the 07-08 campaign. (this comment is only loosely related to this video in regards to his & his staffs demeanor). I was a Delegate from Austin pct. 460 and stepped out to have an adult breathing exercise (a cig) and Dr. Paul and his team came around a corner right by me and I was stunned. I realized it was actually happening and grabbed my camera from my suit jacket and calmly, without calling his name or anything, just walked in pace with them and took pictures. After about 10 snaps it seemed like he nudged his security and pointed at me, at which the security guy said, "hey, hey, come over." Dr Paul, then stepped towards me and the team member gestured for my camera in a friendly way and Dr. Paul reached out and put his arm around me and drew me in (full disclosure, I had a RP lapel pin on my jacket)and the staff member snapped a few photos with my camera (Carol was there too, letting Ron do his thing) and we chatted for a few minutes. It was unbelievable. He cordially let me know after those minutes that he had to go and he appreciated my support and 4-5 hours later was his event at the convention where he announced the formation of the Campaign for Liberty.

After that convention, meeting Dr. Paul, being at that event, and just knowing that, I was not wrong, this was the genuine article. Not the man, but these ideas. And electing people who actually live these ideas as I try to.

That experience (on top of just working with so many supporters from all walks of life to try and get him elected) was one of the turning points in my thinking that made me certain that I was completely on the right track. The campaign, driving home to Austin from Houston the next day, was not over. We just got a few extra years to work on it.

I'll close this too lengthy comment by saying, keep up the good fight, remember that we've got people to educate and get on our side and let's do this thing this time.