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Comment: I woke up to 9-11, that lead me to Ron Paul

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I woke up to 9-11, that lead me to Ron Paul

TRUTH is what I care most about, and Ron Paul does a better job than any other candidate. However, to pretend that he has not been hamstrung by this society that is based on a web of lies is not really supporting truth. If and when Ron Paul is free to ask "WTF about WTC7?" I will know the tyrants are no longer pulling even his strings. No, I don't think he is a puppet (although I did for a while) but that does not stop them from pulling his strings. They pull mine, I still pay my taxes and fund their war, and I do it out of fear for my own safety. I consider it the most immoral thing I do, it literally causes me agony as I wish I had the courage of Sherry Peel Jackson or Larken Rose, but I am a coward, so I pay my taxes and they use that money to murder people all over the world.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.