Comment: "Soviet Ru" radical who finally found a R3VOLution to call home!

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"Soviet Ru" radical who finally found a R3VOLution to call home!

My FRN 0.02:

1) I was an active DP member in 2007/2008. TRUE -- 3 years 46 weeks, but not active posting though (you guys and gals always provide such an excellent commentary here! Have been actively posting on other sites for yet uneducated, though...), actively reading.
2) I voted for Ron Paul in 2008. FALSE -- Was not yet a US Citizen. I would have written him in, given a chance.
3) I voted for another Republican in the primary/caucuses. FALSE
4) I voted for a Democrat in the primary/caucuses. FALSE
5) I voted for McCain in the 07/08 general. FALSE
6) I voted for Obama in the 07/08 general. FALSE

Please answer:
7) age: 40
8) state: Now in British Columbia, Canada; last state lived in WA, before that CA and NY.
9) occupation: Principal Architect of a new revolutionary type of computing device.
10) sex, M/F: M
11) year I first heard of Ron Paul: 2006/7
12) first impression of Ron Paul (pos, neg, unsure): pos, as in "Is he for real? Can I finally support a politician??? With my money? I want to!" (yes, the donations website spelled it out that permanent residents can donate, and yes, I did!)

13) number of years I've considered myself a libertarian: Since I have learned the word, about 20.

Always was anti-authoritarian/anarchist leaning (as in, in kindergarden, asking myself why the heck should we sing a ditty about Grandpa Lenin, while I am personally more interested in ditties about squirrels and foxes, around 5 or so, and I do distinctively remember it!). In my teens was a very strong-feeling anti-communist (in a good sense of the word, as in, living in Moscow in still communist state), and by late 80s supported these ladies: , including participating in *very much* (compared to OWS) illegal demonstrations. A splinter group from DemSouz started Russian Libertarian Party, so, I guess, I would have to adjust my libertarian years a little bit! ;)

14) number of years I've considered myself a conservative: 0 (as in, a conservative in US-centric MSM way, never thought of myself as such. If you ask what, given a slim chance, I would like to discuss/argue about with Ron Paul, I'd say it would be only about abortion -- but I can be persuaded!).

15) number of years I've considered myself a liberal: 0, if you mean contemporary US liberal; I guess all my life if you consider classical definition!

16) list Ron Paul positions/views that are important to you in order of priority (e.g.: foreign policy, monetary policy, return to gold standard, reduce size of government, civil rights, end drug prohibition, repeal patriot act, etc.)

Others before have given excellent answers, as in, "just follow the Constitution, and it will be good!"; I wanted to say the same, but decided to give my humble opinion on the order of things to change, realistically, instead:

a) End the Wars, including War on Drugs; start bringing troop home from both current battle-zones and elsewhere, to send a message to international community that we are serious!
b) While economy is picking up, send the same clear message to American public by making Congress to repeal Patriot Act (why would one need it, anyway, if reasons for people hating us are gone?).
c) While public expectation of what the Federal government is supposed to provide is reduced, just cut it, in half, to begin with (preferably, but not realistic :( ), and later keep cutting some more. At the same time, audit the Federal Reserve (and Fort Knox too, BTW).
d) Then, it will be time to tie dollar back to gold, and let things just go and grow! Time to retire, and So Many Thanks, Dr. Paul! You have cured my apathy!

A personal note to BMWJIM:

First of all, I just want to say that I respect your service to the American people, a lot! I can not salute you (not being in the military myself), and I can not (regretfully!) thank you, for the reasons obvious from the above (us, back then, being on the different side of the Iron Curtain) -- but I do sincerely Thank You for your efforts that you put into this particular struggle, and we are on the same side now.

And I do think that if the worst case scenario really happens, your leadership (and your guns!) will serve the cause of Liberty much better than whatever I can do! So, you can (and probably should) stay under the radar for now -- and I would have to thank you in advance for now, in the case I will not have that chance later.

But also, I have learned one thing (see above, again) -- even if I am individually weak, I still do not want to be anyone's slave, and I do not intend to. I do not agree to be suppressed by the powers that be, and I would rather take my fate than hide my stand on issues. It was like that back in '88, and it is like that in '11 -- back in 60s-70s it was easy for the authorities to round up some handful of protesters and ship them to psychiatric asylum, in late 80s they would have to deal with thousands (and I was one of them back then), and the whole thing had to collapse. I only provided my single voice, and my presence there, and this is what I am doing here, again...

Paul B.