Comment: Armed Neutrality and 9/11 Prediction

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Armed Neutrality and 9/11 Prediction

In the past, Ron Paul used the term, "armed neutrality" to describe the foreign policy he would recommend for the United States. Does anyone else think that might be a good or useful phrase to use now? (He used it, I believe, while the Soviet Union was still a power.) Just a thought. It might curtail the "isolationist" misnomer and the sort of negative sounding "non-interventionist" term which the press, in their naivete, confuse. Armed Neutrality connotes strength in defense but at the same time staying out of other countries' business.

Also, why has the fact that Ron Paul predicted 9/11 type attacks on the US years before it happened gotten lost? That seems like as powerful a prediction as the house bubble, etc. to me, applied to foreign policy. There are plenty of u-tube videos to prove it. How can we get that information out there, since he is loath to talk about himself? Jon Stewart?????

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