Comment: This comment stood out specifically.

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This comment stood out specifically.

"Tom329 wrote:
Ahmadinejad never threatened to "Wipe Israel off the map" and that is the root of the problem here in the US. A foreign president quotes someone ELSE in a speech, which is then mistranslated and then our mainstream media runs wild with it without any verification. For more info read this:

Second, Ahmadinejad, while president of Iran, is not the most powerful political figure in Iran. I know this is difficult for most Americans to grasp since it works differently than in the US. Ahmadinejad is more like the 14th most powerful as the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader (Khamenei) have more power than him. Khamenei has repeatedly said that Iran is not a threat to anyone. Shouldn't we be listening to him rather than a misquote from someone who holds less power in Iran?

FYI, the 14th person in the chain of succession in the US is the Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. No other country is going to base their foreign policy off of anything LaHood says.

Lastly, Ahmadinejad has only 2 more years left on his second term, which by Iranian constitution, must be his last.

War propaganda indeed!"

Following the link, brought me to the real statement and it's meaning, which is a far cry from the circulated "Iran said they will wipe Israel from the face of the map."

Very good find indeed. Thanks, Michael. This needs to get sent out to people who would check it out and use it.

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