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Shira knows

Shira knows, like other journalists are also beginning to realize recently, the lines between infotainment media and real news journalism are becoming blurred in the minds of the public. Frequenting RP forums journalists are concerned by how many people hold no distinctions between "the media" and "the press". People who frequent RP discussions are generally the more tuned-in intelligent types. If smart people like them can not tell the difference, then how far gone is the general public? Journalists need to get a handle on the media or risk becoming obsolete, possibly extinct, in the future of news reporting. The very near future.

Great way to change up the narrative Shira. It's good to know someone is at least paying attention.

No more negative "fringe", "stalwart", "long-shot" narrative. Blow the dust off the more positive "maverick" narrative and use it.