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Comment: Interesting. One of the books

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Interesting. One of the books

Interesting. One of the books on the list is "Currency Wars." I was intrigued to see this because "Currency Wars" has been a best seller in China and has been influential with the leadership there. Unfortunately, the book on the list is not the real deal.

The Western media has derided the original "Currency Wars" as conspiracy theory. The book claims that a dynastic central banking cabal has seized control of the West and has been responsible for the West's imperialism and wars. The book, written by Song Hong Bing, has never been translated into English, despite being a best seller in Asia and having enormous influence.

After Song Hong Bing released "Currency Wars," two books have been released in English with the same title.

In our so-called free society, American publishers have not seen fit to translate Song Hong Bing's "Currency Wars." Instead, we get two "mainstream" criticisms of financial policy in English with the same title as Song Hong Bing's best-selling book.

This is how sophisticated disinformation and propaganda works and how we Americans are kept in the dark. No offense to James Rickard, and maybe his book titled "Currency Wars" is worth reading, but I want the real thing.

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