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Please don't buy from Amazon though…

I understand you have something going on where they are "supporting Ron Paul" with each purchase but I have a suspicion that Ron himself might not appreciate the help from Jeff Bezos. Bezos is an old Wall Street alumni, they say he was in "IT" but his purpose was setting up the systems that now fraudulently control the markets.
He is not a respectable individual, employing market control through price fixing.
I have been in the advertising, promotion and publishing business for over twenty five years and he can not be making penny one on nearly anything he sells.
He is not a supporter of free markets and actually embodies most of the terrible things about corporatism and crony capitalism that Ron Paul stands against. In fact as noted in Der Spiegel today he is actively involved in defrauding the German government subsidies for temporary workers.
Please do some research on the man. I am quite sure that the modicum of help that Ron would get from the Amazon connection will not make or break his campaign but there are a vast number of booksellers who could benefit from your business instead of enriching some of the richest. Thanks and let get Ron Paul elected!