Comment: many people over 40 are very myopic--

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many people over 40 are very myopic--

they can't see that the 'younger' generation can't possibly achieve the success of their grandparents or even parents, though the most successful/wealthiest generation is now becoming quite old.

It's a failing of many people that *they* can't see the perspective of those in other generations. Young people have never been old, so they can't see an aging perspective, of course, but the elderly HAVE been young and should be able to see what things are like for the young. Those of *us* who have children who are finding that the world is not as 'friendly' to the young economically, no matter how hard they work or study--

can see this, sometimes.

One of my 'children' (already quite an adult) has many friends who are perpetual college students, because as my child says, "it's safer than trying to find a job/begin a career"--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--