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I'm over 40

April 1, 1974, I did a full page cartoon for my high school paper for "Super Stoner cigarettes". I attended four high schools and the only "kids" (to me a kid is eight and under, kids don't understand/think SEX at all) that didn't smoke pot or show any interest were unpopular.

I really thought the boomer generation would have legalized marijuana. For years I asked, how is it that marijuana is not legalized or decriminalized? How is it that a generation under the influence of Rock and Roll, TV, and movies that romaticize marijuana, making it even sexy not legalize it?

How do we get a president that says he smoked but didn't inhale? Now our past two presidents shrug their experiences off as no big deal, and yet the war on drugs rages on.

Have you seen that age discrimination is rampent for housing, medical care, food, travel, insurance?

As a boomer, you grow up seeing affordable housing and jobs, that when you're old enough, the OLD house costs twice as much, or the age goes up... that carrot has dangled for boomers, and those who sacrificed and worked harder and smarter, found their IRAs ripped off... to me, much of this crash is to crash the boomers.

Boomers grew up under glass ceilings and between glass walls. Successes were big flashes in the pan, and society, our laws, have chipped away the foundation boomers were depending on, like the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Greatest Generation was groomed to work together, and many are tansfering that to their grandchildren, putting their boomer children down, but the boomers, IMO were sold out and have been manipulated and lied to, especially with this war on drugs.

The other day I was in a grocery store and a couple ran into another they knew, when asked how they were doing, they gloated about having to raise their grandkids, "We have to do this and that because our kids can't". I don't know the situation, but I see that those people are undermining their kids, the parents, and influencing their grandkids to not respect their parents.

I don't have children. My siblings, who are boomers, I have watched my parents work very hard to undermind them. especially when they are down, that's when my parents will kick them the hardest. My parents were very strict, I wasn't allowed to use the phone, and yet, they have bought all their grandchildren Ipods, so they can keep in touch. My Mother never worked. My siblings AND their spouses work at good jobs and together can not afford what my father affords.. matter of fact... my father's retirement is $117K annually. That is more than me, and three of my siblings combined. He will not give his children anything, claims that it's our faults for making as much as him. Yet, he gifts his grandchildren, who can't do better than the parents, but suck up to the grandparents. I hear things about generational skipping, and "grandparents have more in common with grandchildren", and the movie, "Cocoon", the grand parents and kids were awesome people, the boomer Mom was a mess. Seems to me, this is not an accident. Seniors stick together. Boomers grew up wondering which one was the narc.

I believe dividing the family has been part of the plan for a long time, with abortion, divorce, sexuality and drugs, wars... the boomers were not given a foundation to build, but lies.

The greatest generation doesn't care that it's the boomer generation who was ripped off to pay for their benefits.