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hmmm . . .

well, I'm an old boomer, and my father and father in law and most of my uncles fought in WWII--

we played the draft game during Viet Nam; MAN, those were awful years--not 'good' years--

and, true, the boomers who were drafted or enlisted got treated terribly there--

I'm seeing everyone struggle, no exceptions.

My parents were more prosperous, but they still struggled, and they never put *us* down--

and they didn't dote on their grandchildren (my children, who now have children)--

I think my children's generation and we have a lot in common, come to think of it--

we are well-educated (over-educated, LOL!) boomers who have not found success, though we were cautious and frugal--life has just been hard . . .--but we have been independent.

we watch our children struggle, and we hurt for them, and my parents were dead LONG before they could 'gift' our children.

So, we're in this together--


I neither blame boomers nor exclude them from blame completely; there are some in *my* generation who are horribly selfish--

and some who are very wise.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--