Comment: Do your tea party friends engage in tax deductions?

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Do your tea party friends engage in tax deductions?

Most tea party folks do not like the income tax, period. They would agree that income tax at its essence is is saying that the fruit of your labor is not really belongs to your master. If you happen to have a benevolent master, he might let you keep some or even most. Nevertheless, the 16th amendment enslaves us.

That said, tea party people, I am sure, would take every single dime they could get in federal tax deductions, true? Some may even make little enough to get back more than what they paid into it. So....that is taking from one and giving to another.

This is not dissimilar to earmarks. The govt has taken the money. The govt appropriates a certain amount in a bil...say, $10 billion. Ok, the money is going to get is money already taken by taxes, printed by the fed reserve, or borrowed from China. The $10 billion is on its way. BUT, with an earmark, it is a way to "Get back" a little of what has been taken away already. It is a way to send some of this money "back home" rather than handing it off to an executive branch department. The $10 billion might get $100 million chopped off and sent home to private companies or more local governments instead of being spent by federal govt beauracracies. Some tea party people don't get this. They think the $100 million wouldn't be spent at all, but it isn't so.