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Comment: I agree, it was a good interview but

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I agree, it was a good interview but

I'm going to pretend I didn't hear it. Just like "conservative" radio today is pretending the ad doesn't exist. It's clear Limbaugh, Beck, Michael Berry, Hannity, and probably Levin have colluded: black out the ad. My guess is Laura invited Paul before the ad broke.

It's probably for the best, poor Joe Pags made the mistake of arguing, 'RP was just flat wrong in going after the Republican party [i know, that's wrong] instead of Obama.' He's still getting flack on his FB page as i type, 4 hrs. later.

Another thought I've had about the radio conservatives black-out today is maybe they need time to adjust to this new, attack side of Paul. You know, having to regroup?Palin's mum on her FB page,too. Silence from all these people is deafening. So,Paul may have dropped a bigger bomb than we thought at first. Well, the ball's in their court. All we can do is wait for their response. Bring it on.

Oh, and Laura, if you're reading this...thank you for the nice interview with Paul this morning. Really.

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