Comment: What kind of anti-semite...

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What kind of anti-semite...

...has a framed picture of (Austrian Jew) Ludwig von Mises hanging on the wall of his Congressional office? What kind of anti-semite cites the late Murray N. Rothbard (Jew from New York) as a friend and mentor?

A Jewish coin dealer, Burton S. Blumert (who also published before his death) was a huge Ron Paul supporter, bankrolled Paul's first run for the presidency in 1988, and even ran a coin business in partnership with Paul.

And let's not forget the influence that (Russian Jew) Ayn Rand had on the young Ron Paul. He doesn't agree with all her ideas but still speaks highly of her.

Walter Block and Murray Sabrin, both Jewish libertarians who are still with us, support Ron Paul and oppose U.S. aid to Israel.

These RJC people are just emotionally retarded warmongers, and they are throwing a temper tantrum because they can't refute Ron's ideas. A Jew doesn't have to favor foreign aid or endless war any more than a black person has to support affirmative action. It has to do with the maturity, wisdom and ethical constitution of the individual.

Please, don't anyone lash out at Jews, who gave us Austrian economics and were some of the finest libertarian thinkers of the twentieth century. It's not what Ron Paul would do.