Comment: Like the Fed, it's sister creation, it is difficult for most

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Like the Fed, it's sister creation, it is difficult for most

people to understand Zionism's true agenda. Zionism, like the Fed, is a creation by the House of Rothschild, and is both unbiblical to Christians and Torah following Jews. The Rothschild Banking cartel and the other Jewish elites who run Wall Street, the media, Hollywood, ect, are Frankist/Sabbatean Jews who desire to create world domination for their god, Lucerfer, to reside. They are self serving, who have no problem sacrificing the common Jews, as in Germany to reach their goals. Read this statement by a top Rabbi in 1948 to back my point
The official book of Israel, and the guidance used by these people is the Babylonian Talmud, the writings of the Pharisses, who proclaimed their teachings were superior to the teachings of the Torah. Read here, to learn about the Talmud (if you note at the top of Hoffman's article, he is against racism, as he only desires for Jew's to understand how following this book is unethical, and for Christian's to learn why many Jew's do the things they do)
If you read the Balfour Declaration you can see who's behind Zionism

Most people, especially Christian's who believe in Zionism, are persuaded using deceptive tricks, learned by ministers from the Scofield Reference Bible (backed by Rothschild agents Untermeyer, Baruch, Schiff, ect, the same people who 'really' created the Fed. Untermeyer wrote the laws for the Fed in 1910, 3yrs prior to its creatin) . I, myself was tricked into this Zionism hoax, by this trickery. However, I was fortunate enough, by the grace of Christ, to awaken to these blasphemous teachings, when the Zionist ministers started to promote the nuking of Iran. My Christian spirit told me that the murdering of thousands of innocent people, was severely wrong, in the eyes of God. The very next day, I heard a Dr Paul soundbyte on local Houston radio, talking about these 'unjust' wars, and the propositions being made about an attack on Iran, a nation that is no threat to us. I had heard about Dr Paul, being a Congressman from an adjacent district, but didn't know much about his great adherence to the Constitution. That evening after I ask forgiveness for my sins of following Zionism, I researched Dr Paul, and have been a diehard supporter ever since. I have also, since being deceived, spent many hours studying Zionism, and have determined it was made to be complicit in the destruction of not only our nation, but Christianity, 'real' Judaism, Islam, and the other religions that have given a moral guidence to all humanity. All of these religions, have been undermined to create hatred against each other, allowing the satanic power of Lucifer to gain a foothold in our realm. Unless, people take time to research and stand against these deceptions, the entire world will be doomed. Christians need only to read Rev 2:9 to understand what is being created in the Holy Land. Even, if you are an atheist, you should still research Zionism, to understand what is transpiring in the world.