Comment: A bit of theory in the midst of a Great Practice

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A bit of theory in the midst of a Great Practice

Ron did not have a choice. The problem is that the real rulers do not want to make any concessions whatsoever, they keep attacking. It seems to me that Trump is only another provocation for Ron Paul, which he handles just perfectly. It is scary that these policy makers want only war with the rest, which is going to be painful.

My only concern is that I do not see young people who will take the responsibility and continue Ron's struggle in future. Most prominent Ron's followers, like Tom Woods, Rand Paul do not seem to have a clear vision and steps to reach it, as Ron does. (Here, I do not think that steps/means should be justified by the end, but the means should be part of the goal themselves.) Of course, it is not good for any movement to have multiple leaders, but, it should have many pillars for the sake of robustness, let's say the human infrastructure.