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I don't really consider

I don't really consider myself a Zionist, since it's not a big issue for me, but I do think some people on here believe that the definition of Zionism is "supporting whatever the Israeli government does" which is not true. Jews had been voluntarily and peacefully moving back to Palestine over the decades preceding the WWII, by buying and improving land. In fact, many "Palestinians" were immigrants or descendents of recent immigrants from other Arab countries. Also, Palestine had never been a separate country, it was always a region of a larger empire and it wasn't until after WWI, when the British and French drew lines on a map in the Middle East that it was created as a political entity. Before that, it had been a part of the Ottoman Empire. At the time, there were two main groups, the Jews and the (primarily Muslim) Arabs. As libertarians, who are supposed to recognize the right to self-determination, there was nothing wrong with the Jews creating their own state out of land they had peacefully acquired. Both groups had a right to determine their political futures. Obviously, for many reasons (some of which were the fault of the Arabs and some were the fault of the Israelis), this didn't turn out so well. But that doesn't mean it had to turn out that way, or that it was necessary for either side to oppress the other.