Comment: here *we* go with the "Z" word again--

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here *we* go with the "Z" word again--

all right, first--

as I chuckle, because I'm trying to keep this light--

Though Zion was mentioned in the Old Testament, many Chrisians have a "Zion" concept that has NOTHING to do with warmongering and very little to do with 'place'--

that has to do with a place *we* will dwell in peace and safety--

it's been corrupted. The unfortunate problem here is that there are MANY Jews who struggle with Israel and with "Zionism" and with this 'right to choose to govern themselves', because they do not believe that it is happening; *they* (the Jews who disagree with this faux Zionism) don't believe *they* are represented at all, and they have been marginalized by the media, by other Jews and by governments around the world. They simply don't believe what other Jews have accepted and what most of the world has accepted as "the one way"--

so . . . most people have to pretend they don't exist.

Fact is, THOSE Jews are well-educated, have large families, are religious, and are . . . peaceful.

So, who is going to 'win' eventually? The Jews who don't believe in war and who have children--

they will have the last laugh as the rest of the world worries about the "Jews" being able to 'self-determine'--

For me, I am with the Torah Jews, because, frankly, they believe in peace. God bless 'em.

I suppose Dr. Paul hasn't met many of them, but much of what these Torah Jews say agrees with what Dr. Paul says--

But what does the world do with Israel. He/she/the nation exists; it is there, even though many of her citizens aren't the happiest campers--

so . . . let these people determine their own future and not the demogogues who mirror the same sorts of corruptions as the corrupt leaders in the halls of congress and the bureaus of the U.S.A.

Let the Israeli PEOPLE decide--not their 'bought and paid for' (by who cares whom) 'leaders'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--