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Comment: redirect backstory?

(See in situ) redirect backstory?

Ok, I'm probably behind or stupid for asking this, but...How does an egomaniac like Rick Perry actually manage to lose to "us"? Who is the (hilarious, IMO) Ron Paul supporter who did this? Or should we not be saying, because it would only serve to help the Perryshysters, who are I'm sure at this moment working to rectify the comedy??

Anyway, to the extent possible, if anyone here can shed some light on explaining this in a way that does NOT assist the Perryshysters who might be watching, it would be very helpful.

Also, anyone in the central FL area who is interested in RP signed $100 Trillion dollar bills from Zimbabwe please contact me. I'm not sure what they're worth, but if you have some pre-'64 silver US coins I'm known to be easily tempted. And if I make enough to exceed my costs, I'll donate it to the campaign somehow.