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Hmmm.... be honest..I've been told my mind is open to all possibilities that my brain could fall out...hahahaha...

Me, personally...I believe in a I have no problem praying,and would even go so far as to believe that my prayers have helped. (what can I tell ya..makes me happy to think so)

But, let me put it to you this way....
As long as those of us praying or spreading positive energy out there don't stop doing other things as well...what does it hurt?
Is it hurting Dr. Paul? Making his cause any less important? Or is it simply something you (as an individual in your own right)find silly?
Either harm comes from it. (as long as we continue to do other things as well).

So my friend, we have found each other on the same side of one cause and opposite on another. Please, just embrace me for the things we agree on and forgive me the things we don't. ;]
((and I was serious about throwing out some positive waves your way!))