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Comment: Just an FYI: guv perr has

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Just an FYI: guv perr has

Just an FYI: guv perr has launched a new ad re the "War on Religion of the prez and the guv's Christian faith". Article in Austin Statesman had many comments, one of which I saved and on which I commented, as follows:
"Your comment, Baron of G, is worthy of my saving. Sounds like something my dad would have said re "witnessing for his Christian faith."
By Baron of G December 7, 2011 2:54 PM

"Christ never once lobbied either the Jewish or Roman governments to pass laws against sin. Why? Christ didn’t have faith in government. He had faith in himself, both as the Son of God, and as a simple man, whose words and actions changed more lives than all the legislation that has since passed. So-called “Christian Conservatives” who put their faith in government solutions to spiritual problems are neither Christian, nor Conservative."

Not intended to be negative in ANY way. To me, this just seemed to be a powerful statement...

Susie 4 Liberty