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Perception is funny ..

You watched this interview, and did not see right through the way these questions were designed to try and trap him?

Every single question is carefully crafted with built-in assumptions that Corporate Media has been brainwashing people with for *years*.

"We must support Isael on everything without question. If you suggest otherwise, you are at the very least un-American, and very possibly anti-semetic"

"[insert evil Middle East country here] is an obvious immediate and dangerous threat. The only way to make American's safe is to threaten to attack them, and support whatever we say. If you question that, you are the dangerous one and should be cast out"

"We are showing you numbers saying that [insert weekly establishment puppet candidate here] is definitely the one to take seriously. Looks like other Americans are making their choice. Arent you intimidated by this reality that you are not as serious as they are?

"Doesnt look like you have much of a chance ... especially given the fact that you are disagreeing with the version of "reality" that we are shoving down everyone's throats. Maybe you should give up"

Give me a break. Tell me you honestly don't see this by now.

Its almost always the same - especially during segments where they know that a certain middle of the road kind of cable TV junkie is most likely to be watching.

The assumptions are hard baked into the questions and approach. They are carefully crafted by professionals. She reads it exactly the way they hand it to her, and they coach her on how to spin the conversation carefully"

This is corporate mind-fucking at its most sophisticated.

And he is WINNING over it.

Watch it again