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You can lead a horse to water..

I think we agreed in a previous post that Catholicism is not for children. Maybe that's why the Priest blesses children intil first communion?

The problem with some cradle to grave Catholics is they THINK they know Catholicism, but what they KNOW is routine.

I was baptized Catholic by my Mother's sister in law. My parents were NOT Catholic or Christian AT ALL. I was born in the USN and traveled, until I was 15 and ran away from home (a culture of death) where I continued to travel on my own, to surf and go to every Grateful Dead show I could. My worldly life is most rich by comparison to the majority. I know the world and I AM a SINNER. I work at not sinning since I woke up and began studying Catechism. It IS the most profound tome I have ever attempted, and I like tomes, Atlas Shrugged, GuLag Archipelago, I can go on, I love to read.

What I see around me is not IT for me. It's an illusion. I am like a catepiller and the Catechism is my silk, which I am preparing my cocoon for my rebirth.

This is IT for the goats. This is not it for the sheep.

Life outside the Church works well for my birth father, who appears as the most handsome devil, and he's rich and loves to screw everything and everyone anyway he can. He is a man of the world and I what I love the most about him is how he gave me the courage to move past MSM noise about the Church and complete my confirmation and first communion.

I thought I was blessed, and now I KNOW I am.

Peace be with you.