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FAITH, I've been blessed with FAITH

It will be awhile, but I will make an effort to down load the Youtubes you've offerd, when I can make time in town. I live in an area known as, "The Lost Coast" miles away from town, near the Pacific Ocean and a lake, among giant redwoods and tan oaks, where I forage for berries, mushrooms, fish, hunt, raise chickens and trees, and participate in my Grange, a Farming Fraternity, where I can get help, if I need it, and trade eggs for meat, veggies... I chop my own wood, and need to get to work as the sun is up and my rooster is crowing to let the girls out.

"The Catechism of the Catholic Church", is adult literature and not in the Childrens Sunday School classes. RENEW is a Catechism work book program, that helps people understand, "The Catechism of The Catholic Church". I think it would blow your mind. At least my experience is cradle Catholics wonder outloud why they didn't "get it" sooner. As in RCIA classes, where a cradel Catholics finally attend to be with their engaged partner who is converting and telling them things they didn't know. Like how many symbols represent God and what are they? That alone can make you see life very differently. Thank you for the YouTubes. I will see them when I am able.