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I apologise

I am not telling you my situation to evoke envy. I was hoping for understanding, why, I can not d/l the YouTubes you generously offered. Perhaps it is when one spends time among natural resources, animals, domestic, farm and wild, one begins to understand there is a bigger picture? That bigger picture comes through in many ways, some of it symbolic, some of it actual. Perhaps this is why rural areas have so many active Churches? Where else does one go to give thanks, or express sorrow, joy, wonder, glory, mercy for the mysteries or miracles one witnesses? Those things that are beyond reason. Like Saint Elmo's Fire.

What would science be without a periodic scale and it's symbols? How well would a scientist be able to communicate without it? The Church's symbols work much in the same way. To know these symbols, you begin seeing them everywhere, the meaning of many things in life changes once you see the symbols. As you know, The Church has a different calendar than the world.

Where would I rather go, the Church or the government? The government is not going to help me. The government helps itself. If I am having personal problems, who would I rather go, a Priest or a head doctor? If I really needed help, who would help me best? My Church or the government?

My Church enables me to live here. The government wants to remove all the people as if we are a cancer. The cancer is the government IMO.

Catholicism has outlived all worldly governments because it is a kingdom. I love my Church, and I believe the Church KNOWS what is going to happen to a government, and we see this government collapsing by design. I don't know how the majority will survive. But I do know the Catholic Church will survive, and it gives me great peace to know I am part of that kingdom. Your parents did you a great service. They have given you the keys to this kingdom. Those who do not have the keys have to work very hard to get them. All you have to do is reconcile. Others, it takes a year, actually three.

Good luck to you! Peace be with you.