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It's not irony

I find the Church and government very different in how they control. Chuch accepts your will/choice, even if it's wrong, and you say "Hail Mary and Our Father and Glory Be". Government wraps you in red tape, and fines you, or forces you through weapons.

One of the things I love about Catholics is how smart they are. Most have traveled, are highly educated, and they never stop amazing me in the ideas they come up with.. like, God is an ET. I love that one and it's very common.

Catholic, being Universal, I love how mass is made up from people from all over the world. Even in my area, the Church is full of many nationalities, and since Catholics love good food and drinks, we have awesome parties, pot lucks during feasts. Mardi Gras is Catholic. All the holidays, the secular world twists to their own, like Santa Clause, and now the Day of the Dead, Which is All Saints Day.. I almost feel bad for people who are not Catholic when I see them get into these holidays and don't know, it's Catholic. And like most Catholics, we just keep our mouths shut about it, since the majority of people are not Catholic (based on what MSM has to say, which is nothing good).

If you really like inteligent people, Catholic Church has plenty. Catholic Church has many resources. And the Catholic Church is the world's historian. Where I live, Mendocino, CA, I volunteer at the Historical Society, there are no records previous 1850, yet, because of my Church, I know families that have been here over 300 years. They don't want to have anything to do with the Historical Society because to them, it's not about history, but about making what the present government wants people to believe have "validation". It's true. I see more and more why Catholics would just as soon stay to themselves.

Catholic was the first world order.