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Ode to Ron Paul:

I do not deny that selfishness is an inherent part of human nature. Often times, spiritual and religious teachings tend to sway the minds of followers by saying that selfLESSness, or altruism,is the only noble human ideal.

However, as is often times the case with libertarians or followers of Rand's perspective on human nature, it seems that selfishness is unavoidable, and that the highest human virtue is for each individual to maximize their subjective happiness.

It is the MUTUAL exchange of VALUE between two or more CONSENTING individuals that is the essence of capitalism, libertarianism, voluntarism, and the TRUE source of these supposedly "selfLESS" ideas such as love and cooperation.
Love can ONLY be through the appeasement of each individual's selfish standards and desires. And yet, although this may sound bleak and counter-religious and politically incorrect, what could be a greater testament to human happiness and cooperation than the strivance of each person to maximize the happiness of others through their OWN selfish interest to do so?

Ron Paul offers me value in many ways. He is a beacon of light and inspiration from which I can learn and model my own reality. I am encouraged by his life to improve my own. I am motivated by his dedication to further promote HIS ideal view of a libertarian society.

The masters of force and deceit are the parasites who can only thrive by forcing governmental impositions upon people under the disguise of "it's for your own good and safety, even though it makes your life miserable". The TRUE collectivists, the TRUE moralists, the TRULY charitable are those who strive for a voluntary world where individual human happiness is the end goal, as a opposed to a means to end that often times ends with misery, suffering, and death.

I will give Ron Paul a short moment of meditation later today. It's going to feel good...a mutual exchange of effort between myself and a man who I've never met, yet has changed my life in positive ways simply by saying that, as President, he does NOT want to run my life...

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