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I offer this prayer to the

I offer this prayer to the nation, specifically for Ron Paul. There is so much to pray for; I can only touch on a few things. Please, if in agreement with me, add to this prayer as the Lord moves you, for all to see.

Almighty Father God, I come to you in great humbleness and with repentance for all my sins and for the nation of America, if not the whole world, Lord. I come in front of your throne, with boldness, trying to overcome my fear and trembling to ask you to protect Ron Paul as he spreads his message of truth wherever he goes. Guide his every step, guide his every word, and guide him through the hazards of this world unharmed physically or mentally. Keep his wit sharp; help him deliver the message of liberty you intended for us.

Lord, we surely do not want to lift Ron Paul up as a King, because we know you are our only King and Lord of Lords. We lift him up as our Defender of the Constitution. We know it was you Lord, who guided our nation’s first founding fathers to create the laws for our nation. Lord we ask only because this nation has lost its way, that you will allow Ron Paul to become our next President, be our next leader to bring this nation together in unity.

Ron Paul says he knows you Lord. We have seen evidence that you know him too, Lord. Oh Father, I pray that you will allow him to be the leader of our people and nation, as you allowed Moses to be a leader of your chosen people out of Egypt. Even as Moses was somewhat unwilling to be the leader, you convinced him otherwise. He admitted he didn’t have perfect speech and wanted you to choose another in his place. Lord, you gave him the words to change the Pharaoh’s mind and release the people.

In the wilderness Lord, some of the people lost their way. But in times of trouble, they turned back to you Lord.

Please Lord, we are in times of great trouble. Many of us can see it could become much worse. We want to avoid disaster Lord. Please dear Lord, allow Ron Paul to become the next President of America to help us through the times of trouble that could be ahead for us.

Lord we feel Ron Paul has the wisdom from you to lead us. Help the rest of the nation to see and understand that Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.