Comment: so happy to see the prayer bandwagon!

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so happy to see the prayer bandwagon!

We are foolish to try and conquer evil with the weapons of man. There are only two tools we have to fight evil. Prayer and the word of God (bible). I do believe God is blessing Dr. Paul right now and his debate performances and numbers are showing it. I've never seen such a prayer thread on the DP too. God is good, we just need to trust him and not doubt his plans. We all know too well that Ron Paul is a good man, and man who has a good heart an spirit, as well as a desire to emulate Christ in his life. His fruits show it, children, long marriage, a life of dignity and honesty fighting for all that's right in this world, and against evil. Only God can change hearts and minds. We occasionally can be used as an instrument of God in these matters.

May God bless this day, and may many people's hearts and minds be redirected towards what Christ stood for. I pray for Dr. Paul's safety, and that we may have a leader who is just to lead this nation out of the path of darkness. May God open up those whose eyes are closed to truth, spiritual truth and an awakening of liberty in the hearts and minds of men, in Christ Jesus, Amen.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.