Comment: Rights Are A Practical Man-Made Construct.

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Rights Are A Practical Man-Made Construct.

In fact, our inalienable rights are those properties of the individual that we have agreed lead to the fairest, freest society.

There is no higher being necessary to decide we have a right to a jury trial or not to house troops or free speech or bearing arms. Those are things that make for a better world.

The point is this. If we agree that our rights are inalienable, then it doesn't matter where we believe they come from.

What I quibble with is believing that praying has any effect except for making one feel better about oneself. Man invented god, so you're actually praying to yourself. That weirds me out a little. And if you think that's not true, then tell me why people pick and choose their religion, then pick and choose the parts they want to follow. People interpret the bible in different ways, and pick their church on the basis of what feels right for them. That's a lot more likely to be the work of your brain than a supreme being. Much like how we pick our mates. It's a feeling, a smell, a hair color/eye color/facial symmetry. We may think a potential mate is the greatest person in the world, but if he or she doesn't pass the "brain chemistry" test, it ain't happening. Same thing with how one chooses his or her potential god club. You know, the one that tells you that you alone know the truth, and everyone else is in error. That's a powerful motivator.