Comment: Big bump for the prayer chain!!

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Big bump for the prayer chain!!

Let the people at the polls be honest and forthright, let the media get a conscience, let the people find a guiding force larger than what the television tells them is the truth. Help us to know that you are working for us, help us to do your will, and help America Bless God. Help people to know that the wars are wrong, the lives lost and damaged, the people dying all the time and getting hurt are wrong and need to stop. Please protect those people that are involved in the wars. Please help all those families who have loved ones who have been hurt and lost. Bring peace and strength and healing to Ron, Carol, and the Paul family. Lift them up and guide them. Help give all the volunteers and the paid campaign staff strenght, healing, and courage to keep informing people in a positive and loving way. Help us here at the daily paul and all the other Ron Paul forums to walk in a good way. Thank you for the blessings of all the progress we have made with informing others in our nation. Thank you for the progress we have made with the media. Thank you for the positive responses we have received from the media. Thank you for the ability to contact others and inform them about Ron Paul and the Federal Reserve and all other issues that we face. Thank you for this forum to meet other people who feel the same way about our country. Help us to continue to make progress with having our country be a better, more loving and kind place to live. May America Bless God. May God Bless America.