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I suppose "praying for politicians"

always worries me.

I am well aware of the dominionist movement within the R party and it is gaining traction more every day. From the C Street House we see political creatures emerging all over the landscape with their religion on their sleeve, and lies in their mouths. They talk the freedom rap, but they mean only freedom for themselves and those who believe as they do.

If you doubt what I say, read Jeff Sharlet's book. It's an eye opener. And nobody seems to call these hypocrites out because they seem to be speaking the language of liberty. It is a dangerous time. Only a tool like Jefress is honest enough to say what people like this think and not try to walk it back. Most are more artful.

Anyone of faith who is truly about liberty is my friend. I have no problem with faith, even though I do not share it. But I'm always wary of dominionism dressed up as Christian faith.