Comment: Oh that was a good update.

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Oh that was a good update.

Oh that was a good update. And he is SO right-on re this Subject! A commercial I saw a few weeks ago...had several children with each diagnosis on the front of his shirt. And then, a PSA re our medicating our children. The ending: KID was on the front of his/her shirt! Was a really good piece...

And I've read about the govt's intention to step-it-up...the medicating of our children. (On an alternative website.) And parents are so often entirely dependent on what the 'SCHOOL' directs them to do, much less a DOCTOR!

And on a personal note, my former dtr-in-law managed to get hersef diagnosed with ADHD, and I truly believe it was in order to get her hands on an Amphetamine (Adderall). Is known to be the 'rage' with college kids at this time, according to the research I did at the time. NOTE: this is literally 'Speed'!

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