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The poll likely includes

The poll likely includes international flavor, not sure. But that in and of itself is quite intriguing. The whole world is watching and backing the good Dr.

Here's my prediction. This poll is far more accurate than even the most favorable MSM results. MoneyBomb day will be epic. Landslide in Iowa and NH.....huge showing in SC and much better than expected in FL + possible win.

GOP concedes, field sheds.

White House virtually guaranteed at this point. MSM still flailing.

Obama hands the keys over by Halloween. Okay, maybe not that.

I'm new here so not sure if previously discussed but I see only one major hurdle to all of this.

The military/industrial complex has many resources....assassination tools being one of them. If Dr Paul wins Iowa in the massive landslide as I predict, he must immediately secure SS protection.

Am I off base with this train of thought?

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul