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Who is Granny Warrior!!!


She is a true patriot! She has inspired me and everybody around me in ways nobody else could have. On the day she heard that Ron Paul was running for president she had her 30+ RV primed and ready for action. She took a beautiful RV and plastered it with red white and blue, Ron Paul pictures, and bumper stickers, etc. She has followed Ron Paul since he first ran in the 80's. If there is a starter for the grass-root campaign for Ron Paul it is granny! She now travels with buddy the monkey. Ron Paul was the only person in Congress to hear her out on animal rights! I traveled with her to the Boston Tea Party where we raised 6 million dollars. During those 4 days on the road with this amazing woman, I learned more than any college professor could ever teach me. She deserves respect, attention, and our support. Please visit or the She has spent thousands of her OWN money on sending her freedom waggon across country (4MPG) to spread the sweet message of freedom to apathetic Americans. She needs our support now that she is hosting a new radio show from her RV. Please buy a gallon or more of gas for her and support the founder of our grassroot campaign. I truely hope you get to meet this amazing woman and her monkey (buddy) who travels with them, as they spread the word of freedom. Chris Moore, Mike, and Linda Hunnicut gave up their jobs to go on the road and spend ALL their money to support the cause. They really need support with their journey's. It takes lots of spirit to drop everything on a dime, especially high paying jobs, and head on the road. So...Please donate if you can to help them out!!! They are true American Patriots and they NEED our help. tune in to their station from 5-6pm M-F.

Danger Dane

Power to the freedom fighters and power to the peaceful