Comment: Let's make sure the votes aren't tampered with

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Let's make sure the votes aren't tampered with

Here is a sobering account of what has happened in past IOWA primaries where everything runs openly and smoothly until the results reach the state level where the Republican machine steps in and changes the results so their candidate wins.

Evidently this is what most likely occurred in 2008 and in the 90s when Buchanan ran and was WAY ahead of Dole until they had "problems with the machines" and Dole surged ahead and won the election.

The way we can avoid this is to establish an independent website run by true Ron Paul supporters where an RP supporter would report voting results gathered at each county or even each precinct to an independent website.

The above article suggests that the high ups in the 2008 Ron Paul campaign may have even been planted by the Republican machine unbeknownst to Ron Paul and these organizers opposed implementing a safety net like this and looked the other way when the votes were being fixed.

The article describes the proposed solution. It is detailed and long but EXTREMELY important. PLEASE READ. If a safety net like this to insure votes are properly and honestly counted, isn't created, all our cash contributions and efforts will probably be wasted yet AGAIN.