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I wonder how Bachmann would

I wonder how Bachmann would respond if Ron Paul asked her (or other warmongering candidates) point blank:
How will America handle war with Iran, China, and Russia all at one time? (since China and Russia have defense treaties with Iran)

Ron Paul needs to practice a concise & clear way of calling out the warmongers.

Ask each of them which category they belong in:

1) Either they *know* that it would be foolish and devastating to bomb Iran bc that could ignite nuclear war when China and/or Russia come to Iran's defense - so then all their war mongering is rhetoric they'd have to flip-flop on anyway;
2) If they really BELIEVE in bombing Iran under these circumstances it is extremely ignorant and would put America, and the rest of the world, in real danger of nuclear war

(Also wouldnt hurt for Ron Paul to remind them all that active military - those who are IN the wars - contribution levels for him exceed all of the rest of them combined!)

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests